1. Test the Video Stream. Can you see the Video below ?
    If yes, then your system is able to play videos. If not, then please check the technical requirements below our contact our support.
    If the video interrupts, then your internet is too slow. We recommend a minimum of 1,5Mbit (for SD-Video) and 2,0Mbit (for HD-Video).  

You need Flash Player 9 or later installed to play this streamingvideo

2. Test the Preview Video.
    Click HERE to start a Test-Preview

3. Technical Requirements
    Our site is working with any actual computer and mobile devices.
    For successful Video streaming, you need a high quality internet connection.
    A connection that is sufficient to check email or load web pages may not be good enough for streaming.
    Cellular (3G/4G/LTE) connections can be very unreliable.
    It is strongly recommended to use a hardwired ethernet connection or a WiFi connection over a cellular connection.
    It is important to use a connection which is not shared with many other users.
    For example, when streaming from a typical corporate office or hotel, the amount of bandwidth available
    for your stream may be inconsistent depending on the number of other users on the same network.

4. How to use the videoplayer:

Need further support ?
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    or send an eMail to support(at)clips4coins.com